Resultados de la convocatoria de propuestas de la temporada 2023-S1

En esta página se resumen los resultados del proceso de evaluación de las propuestas recibidas para la campaña de observaciones 2023-S1 (enero 2 – junio 30, 2023). La descripción del proceso de evaluación por pares y la asignación de grados de prioridad se puede consultar en la página Revisión de propuestas.

Durante la convocatoria 2023-S1 se recibieron 108 propuestas solicitando un total de 1,154 horas de observación. El factor de sobresuscripción para cada comunidad fue: México = 1.1, UMass = 1.5, US = 2.1.

Los grados de prioridad para la programación de observaciones, de acuerdo a la evaluación por los paneles científicos y por comunidades, se listan a continuación.

Grado A

MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-5 MX-7 MX-14 MX-19 MX-20
MX-27 MX-30 MX-37 MX-42 MX-44 MX-46 UM-15 UM-21
UM-22 UM-23 US-16 US-19 US-20 US-32

Grado B

MX-16 MX-21 MX-22 MX-23 MX-24 MX-26 MX-28 MX-33
MX-39 MX-41 MX-43 MX-45 MX-49 MX-51 MX-55 MX-56
UM-7 UM-8 UM-17 UM-19 US-12 US-18 US-25 US-27

Grado C

MX-10 MX-12 MX-17 MX-25 MX-31 MX-32 MX-34 MX-35
MX-36 MX-40 MX-47 MX-52 MX-57 MX-59 UM-9 UM-10
UM-11 UM-12 UM-16 US-4 US-8 US-11 US-17 US-21
US-22 US-28 US-33

Resumen de las propuestas aceptadas

PI Title
Alenka Negrete Peñaloza, C., Molecular Emission Detection Program for Seyfert Galaxies
Aretxaga, I. EGS at depth, tracing star formation in a CEERS/CANDELS field
Blue Bird, J. Total Gas Content at High Redshift with CHILES and LMT
Carramiñana, A. A millimeter key to the multi-wavelength characterization of Fast Evolving Luminous Transients
Chavez Dagostino, M. Two belts or one? Toward a complete map of tau Ceti's planetary system
Chavez Dagostino, M. The mass-loss history of Phoenix Giants: toward restrictive constraints on merger models
Chavez Dagostino, M. Understanding the dynamical state of the cold Kuiper-belt-like rings: the case of HR 8799
Cordiner, M. Ice-Giant Chemistry – A Deep Dive into Neptune's Atmosphere
Coudé, S. Mapping Magnetic Field in the B5 Prestellar Quadruple System
Cox, E. Mapping the Protostellar Magnetic Field of L483
Cruz-Gonzalez, I. TolTEC Mapping of the Lockman-SpReSO field
del Burgo. C. LMT/TolTEC mapping of the extended debris disc around HD 48682
del Burgo. C. Deep LMT/TolTEC mm Observations of the Multiplanet Host M- dwarf Gliese 581’s debris disc
DeNigris, N. Studying pressure fluctuations in distant galaxy cluster RX J1226
Dickinson, M. LMT Spectroscopy of Invisible Monsters at z > 4
Elias Chávez, M. Observational campaign with TolTEC in the deepest X-ray field observed by XMM-Newton
Foo, N. Exploration of a Lensed z=2.66 Protocluster Discovered by Planck+LMT+ALMA
Fritz, J. Dust in the Whirlpool
Fritz, J. Protoclusters in the Epoch of Reionisation
Galvan-Madrid, R. Establishing the Importance of Magnetic Fields in a Massive Star Cluster in Formation
Garcí­a Pérez, A. Exploring molecular gas content in FRII radio galaxies
Gim, H. Exploring the evolution of total gas contents with the observations of galaxies within z=0.11-0.17
Gomez-Ruiz, A. A Multicolor View of the Black Hole Environment in M87
Gomez-Ruiz, A. Large scale mapping of iCOMs in the prototypical shock laboratory L1157
Gomez-Ruiz, A. Unraveling the nature of the Cen A jet: From cm to mm on light-day scales
Gomez-Ruiz, A. Revealing the jet launching in 3C84 at the highest detail
Heyer, M. Molecular clouds in the far outer Galaxy
Heyer, M. Molecular clouds in the Fermi Bubbles
Hughes, D. An ultra-deep TolTEC map of the Hubble Deep Field North
Hughes, D. LMT as a Protocluster Machine: TolTEC observations around two bright high-z DSFGs
Isabella Vargas Sanchez, E. Dust in the bulgeless face-on galaxy NGC3938
Jiménez-Andrade, E. TolTEC observations of the JWST/GTO Cluster PLCK G165.7+67.0
Keenan, R. Dust to Gas Ratios Across the Galaxy Population
Koch, E. First Cloud-Scale Dust Polarization Detections in M33
Lia Longinotti, A. AGN feedback: connecting molecular outflows and X-ray fast winds in NL Seyfert 1 Galaxies
Luan, L. Mapping dust, free-free, and synchrotron emissions of edge-on galaxies
Manning, S. Ultra-Distant, Dusty, or Dead? Breaking the Degeneracy with LMT/TolTEC Observations of a Strong Lens Cluster
Mayya, D. Mapping the emission of molecular gas in metal-poor nearby galaxies
Mayya, D. A search for recently formed dust and molecules in the circumstellar nebula of WR140
McCrakan, M. TolTEC Observations of the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4449
McKinney, J. CEERS/ToLTEC: The dusty nature of z>3 galaxies
Montaña, A. Identifying Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the Early Universe
Montaña, A. Confirming and Characterizing Galaxy Proto-Clusters
Montaña, A. Multichroic, High Resolution SZ Imaging of the X-ray cavities of MS 0735.6+7421 with TolTEC
Montaña, A. A New “Frontier” for the LMT: Dust-obscured Activity in Galaxies that Dominate the Cosmic Star Formation History
Moravec, E. LMT+TolTEC observations of the highest redshift cluster merger shock
Narayanan, G. 2023 Event Horizon Telescope Observations on the LMT
Sánchez-Argüelles, D. Resolving Polarization in Sgr A* with LMT + GMVA + ALMA
Sánchez-Argüelles, D. A sample of black holes at <100 R_g scales: accretion flows, jets, and shadows
Omar Serrano Bernal, E. Search of cold dust around the Pre-Planetary Nebula Frosty Leo
Peng, B. Characterizing Overdensity in a DSFG System
Pope, A. The impact of AGN on the cold and warm dust in distant dusty galaxies
Quirós Rojas, M. Physical Properties of the Molecular Gas in Early Dusty Starburst Galaxies
Ricci, C. Probing the X-ray corona with 100GHz LMT/GMVA observations
Rodriguez Montoya, I. Confirming the high-z nature of lensed galaxies in the Hershel-ATLAS survey
Román Zúñiga, C. Structure and Kinematics of Embedded Star Cluster Envelopes in Cygnus-X DR 15
Román Zuñiga, C. Tracing Ambipolar Diffusion in a Protostellar Clump
Román Zúñiga, C. The magnetic properties of a low-mass, young protocluster
Rosa Gonzalez, D. Molecular Gas Reservoir in a Sample of Nearby Bulgeless Galaxies
Sabin, L. Mapping magnetic fields in evolved intermediate mass stars
Schap, W. Determining the Mass and Spectral Index of Peter Pan Disk J0501
Schap, W. Determining the Spectral Index of Orion YSOs
Schloerb, P. Comet Composition Survey: Observations of C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
Shirley, Y. Probing The Central Region of the Prestellar Core L183
Srinivasan, S. 12CO and 13CO SEQUOIA mapping of nearby evolved stars
Trejo, A. TolTEC mapping of U Ant
Wang, D. Probing the Interstellar Medium of Dusty Star-forming Galaxies in a Protocluster at Cosmic Noon
Wang, D. Origin and evolution of molecular gas in the ram pressure stripped galactic tail of NGC4388
Ward-Duong, K. A Deep Search for Circumplanetary Dust Around a Rogue Planet in Taurus
Whitaker, K. Detecting Dust in a Sample of Lensed Quiescent Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
Yun, M. LMT Study of Planck-selected Luminous Star Forming Galaxies
Zaragoza Cardiel, J. Molecular Gas in the Antennae Tidal Dwarf Galaxy
Zaragoza Cardiel, J. Dust in nearby galaxy halos
Zaragoza Cardiel, J. Dust and Gas in the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4656

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