Results from the 2024-S1 Call for Proposals

The results of the proposal review for the observing season 2024-S1 (January 8th – September 30th, 2024) are summarized here. A description of the peer-review process and the assigned evaluation ranks can be found on the Proposal Review page.

66 proposals were received during the 2024-S1 observing season, for a total of 700 requested observing hours. The oversubscription factors for each user community are as follows: Mexico = 1.0, Spain-Mexico = 2.1, UMass = 0.7, US = 1.2.

Scheduling priority grades based on the panel and community reviews are listed below.

Grade A

MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-11 MX-13 MX-14 MX-19 MX-22
MX-23 MX-24 MX-29 MX-31 MX-33 MX-34 MX-37 MX-40
SP-2 SP-5 SP-6 UM-1 UM-4 UM-6 UM-9 US-3
US-4 US-5 US-18 US-19

Grade B

MX-5 MX-16 MX-18 MX-20 MX-25 MX-26 MX-35 MX-38
SP-1 SP-7 UM-3 UM-5 UM-7 UM-8 UM-10 UM-11
UM-12 US-2 US-13 US-16 US-17

Grade C

MX-4 MX-6 MX-9 MX-10 MX-15 MX-17 MX-28 MX-30
MX-32 MX-36 MX-39 UM-2 US-7 US-10 US-14 US-20


Accepted Proposals Summary

PI Title
Alberto Carramiñana A millimeter key to the multi-wavelength characterization of Fast Evolving Luminous Transients
Alfredo Montaña A New “Frontier” for the LMT: Dust Obscured Activity in Galaxies that Dominate the Cosmic Star Formation History
Alfredo Montaña LMT redshift identification of a dusty starburst candidate at z > 6
Alfredo Montaña Identifying Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the Early Universe
Alfredo Montaña MACS J0018.5 – A Bullet Cluster Aimed in Our Direction
Alfredo Montaña Confirming and Characterizing Galaxy Proto-Clusters in the Early Universe
Amanda M Lee Investigating Core Formation Environments in MonR2 with SEQUOIA/LMT
Arturo I. Gomez-Ruiz Large scale mapping of iCOMs in the prototypical shock laboratory L1157
Carlos Alberto Garcia Diaz High Resolution SZE Map of a Possibly Disturbed Galaxy Cluster
Castalia Alenka Negrete Peñaloza Molecular Emission Detection Program for Seyfert Galaxies
Daniel Rosa Gonzalez Observations of the 57Fe+23 Hyperfine Transition Towards the Virgo Cluster
Daniel Rosa Gonzalez Molecular Gas Reservoir in a Sample of Nearby Bulgeless Galaxies
David H. Hughes A sample of SMBH shadows, rings, accretion flows and jet bases
David H. Hughes Imaging M84 and Sombrero at < 50 gravitational radii: jets and accretion inflow
David H. Hughes LMT spectroscopy of strong outflows in star-forming galaxies at Cosmic Noon
David H. Hughes TolTEC imaging of the progenitors of the Coma cluster at z~5 towards the FRESCO/GOODS-N field
David H. Hughes TolTEC imaging of filamentary structures in SSA22
David Omar Sánchez-Argüelles Untangling the shocks in the luminous SZE galaxy cluster RXJ1347.5-1145
Divakara Mayya A search for recently formed dust and molecules in the circumstellar nebula of WR140
Dylan Michelson Pare TolTEC Observations of the Extreme Star-forming Region Sgr B2
Emmaly Aguilar Pérez Pilot program to unveil overdensities around SPIRE Dropouts with TolTEC
Enrique Omar Serrano Bernal Imaging the Circumstellar Envelope and the Magnetic Field Around the IRAS 17028-1004 Nebula
Eric E. Martinez-Garcia Density wave triggering of star formation across spiral arms.
Eric Faustino Jiménez-Andrade Unveiling a hidden gem: an extraordinarily bright strongly lensed galaxy behind Milky Way dust clouds
Erin Cox Filling the Spatial Gap: Dust Polarization in Rho Oph A
Gerrit Schellenberger Galaxy groups at mm-wavelengths: the key to AGN feedback
Gopal Narayanan 2024 Event Horizon Telescope Observations on the LMT
Hansung Gim Exploring the evolution of total gas contents with the observations of galaxies within z=0.11-0.17
Haojing Yan TolTEC Mapping of the Spitzer IRAC Dark Field
Hector Ibarra Medel Molecular Gas of FIR Sources in the Lockman-SpReSO Field
Irene Cruz-Gonzalez TolTEC Mapping of the Lockman-SpReSO Field
Irene Cruz-Gonzalez Molecular Gas in Compton Thick AGN
Itziar Aretxaga Dust properties of an SMG to AGN transitional galaxy
Ivan Rodriguez Montoya Luminous-lensed galaxies in Herschel-ATLAS survey: completing high-redshift measurements
Jacopo Fritz Dust in the Whirlpool
Javier Zaragoza Cardiel Molecular Gas in the Antennae Tidal Dwarf Galaxy
Javier Zaragoza Cardiel Dust in the bulgeless face-on galaxy NGC3938
Jonathan C. Tan When the Wind Blows: hi-res mapping of outflow feedback from massive protostars
Laurent Loinard Molecular Clouds in the Fermi Bubble
Luan Luan Mapping dust, free-free, and synchrotron emissions of edge-on disk galaxies
Marc Verheijen Gas and Galaxy Transformation in Abell 262
Mark Dickinson LMT Spectroscopy of Hidden Monsters at z > 4
Mauro Giavalisco RSR Spectroscopy of Massive, Dust-Obscured, Star-Forming Galaxies At z>4
Michael McCrackan TolTEC Observations of the Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4449
Miguel Chavez Dagostino Searching for circumstellar dust in our closest cold neighbor in the northern hemisphere: The Barnard’s Star
Miguel Chavez Dagostino Two belts or one? Toward a complete map of tau Ceti’s planetary system
Miguel Chavez Dagostino The mass-loss history of Phoenix giants: toward restrictive constraints on merger models
Min Yun Testing [C II] Emission as a CGM Tracer around z>6 Galaxies
Nadia Mariel Murillo Mejias Characterizing Overdensity in a DSFG System
Nat DeNigris A novel observation of pressure fluctuations in the distant cluster RX J1226.9+3332
Nicholas Foo Exploration of a Lensed z=2.66 Protocluster Discovered by Planck+LMT+ALMA
Olga Vega Mapping the emission of molecular gas in metal-poor nearby galaxies
Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez Thermodynamics of the ICM in the CATARSIS clusters
Paul Goldsmith CO in Molecular Cloud Boundary Regions with H2 Emission
Q. Daniel Wang Origin and evolution of molecular gas in the ram pressure stripped galactic tail of NGC4388
Q. Daniel Wang Probing the Interstellar Medium of Dusty Star-forming Galaxies in a Protocluster at Cosmic Noon
Ricardo Rizzo The nature of millimeter continuum emission in LBV stars
Roberto Galvan-Madrid Feeding a YSO from the surrounding Molecular Cloud
Roxana Popescu Invisible Giants: Identifying the Power Source of Lyman-alpha Blobs
Stan Kurtz Search for a new Class II methanol maser to Constrain Maser Models
Stan Kurtz The Strange Case of Masers in Empty Space
William Schap Determining the Mass and Spectral Index of Peter Pan Disk J0501
William Schap Investigating The Unusual Spectral Index Seen In IC 348
Yancy Shirley Probing The Central Region of the Prestellar Core L183
Zhiyuan Ma TolTEC Mapping of the JWST NEP-TDF


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