Proposal Guidance

LMT proposals must contain the following information: abstract, scientific justification, technical justification, and a list of target objects. The LMT Proposal Submission Checklist, below, provides general guidelines for writing proposals. For general information about the LMT and its capabilities, see the Telescope Description webpage.

Below is the LMT Proposal Submission Checklist. Proposers should use this checklist to ensure they have completed all necessary steps of the proposal writing and submission process. Links to further resources and proposal guidance can be found here.

Formatting Your Proposal

The observing proposals must be written in English. The scientific and technical justifications, uploaded as two separate documents (PDFs), will be formatted on Letter-sized paper with a font size no smaller than 11 points, and all page margins must be at least 2cm. A total of five pages are available to present the scientific case: a maximum of two pages to justify and describe the case, an additional two pages for figures and tables, and a fifth page for references. The technical justification should be uploaded in a separate single-page document. PDFs should not exceed 5Mb.

For a proposal requesting a substantial amount of data in support of a student thesis, a one-page thesis plan and a faculty support letter should be submitted separately to the LMT Helpdesk via email with the subject line “< Project ID > Student Thesis Support” within one week of proposal submission. Student thesis plans should briefly describe the importance of the proposed observations for the overall thesis and should reference the proposal ID assigned by the Hedwig proposal submission system. This document will be included in the discussions by the Regional Partner reviews for setting the regional priorities in the observing queues.

LMT Proposal Resources

Instruments specifications
Instrument time and sensitivity (ITS) calculators
Meteorological conditions
TolTEC Observation Planner
(Entering the target and observation date in the first box is useful for planning observations for all LMT instruments, but the mapping patterns and exportable results for proposal submission are TolTEC specific.

Additional Proposal Resources

ALMA Proposer’s Guide

Questions regarding the proposal process should be directed to the LMT Helpdesk.