INAOE, Sta. María Tonantzintla, Puebla.


Instructions to reach INAOE from Mexico City’s International Airport.
By bus:

  • Transportation from the Mexico, D.F. airport to Puebla: there is a comfortable bus service by “Estrella Roja” which runs from Mexico City airport to the city of Puebla every 30 minutes. These leave from the airport zone D, next to International Arrivals (zone E). The ride takes about two hours. Those wanting to see the landscape (once outside Mexico City!) should sit on the right hand side of the bus.
  • Buses from the airport to Puebla may arrive to Puebla bus station (known locally as CAPU) or to the station of “4 Poniente” located nearer to Puebla’s downtown. For more information, including an update timetable  see
  • If arriving to CAPU we recommend that you get a regulated taxi ticket (at one of the kiosks with a TAXIS sign on it) to Tonantzintla or to “Puebla centro” if you are hosted in downtown. Make sure you take a yellow and white taxi. Tell the taxi driver to drop you at “El Observatorio” in Tonantzintla. If you are hosted in a hotel on the city centre, just tell the taxi driver the hotel’s name. From the “4 Poniente” station get one of the white taxis inside the bus station.
  • We strongly advise you against taking taxis from Mexico City airport to Puebla as the fare will be astronomical.


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