The Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano (LMT) invites members of the Mexican, U.S. and Spanish astronomy research communities to participate in the open call for scientific observing proposals (2023-S1).

September 23rd, 2022. Call for Science Proposals is Open (2023-S1)

Announcement of Opportunity (2023-S1)

This Announcement of Opportunity is an invitation to the user-communities of the LMT partners to submit scientific proposals requesting observing time on the 50-meter diameter LMT. The deadline to receive proposals is 05:00 UTC on 22 October 2022. The schedule for the next observing season (2023-S1) is 2 January 2023 – 30 June 2023.

The LMT has recently resumed scientific, engineering and maintenance activities following the long-term closure of the telescope in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2023-S1 Call for Proposals represents a new opportunity to submit proposals for scientific projects using the full suite of LMT instrumentation which now includes, for the first time, the availability of TolTEC, a large-format multi-band continuum camera.

It is estimated that approximately 800 hours will be committed to night-time observations of the approved and prioritized scientific targets during the full observing season. The remainder of the available night-time operational hours are expected to be accounted for by weather interruptions and standard observing overheads that include monitoring the focus and calibration of the telescope and instrumentation, amongst other necessary activities.

Given the anticipated significant demand for telescope time, the LMT user-community is encouraged to submit shorter, high-impact scientific projects that will lead to published research papers that demonstrate the unique capabilities of the telescope facility. Opportunities to submit longer-term large projects will be offered in future Calls for Proposals.

A high priority over the next 12-months is to continue to improve the optical efficiency and performance of the telescope, in particular at the shortest millimeter wavelengths, as well to test the feasibility and effectiveness of day-time observations. It is therefore anticipated that a variety of engineering projects and metrology measurements of the primary surface will interrupt the 2023-S1 scientific program when necessary. Furthermore it should be anticipated that the on-set of the “rainy season” will increasingly impact the scheduling of the highest-frequency instruments towards the end of the 2023-S1 semester (LMT-site Weather Conditions).

Further information about this proposal opportunity is presented in the LMT Call for Proposals web site and will be summarized in a series of webinars to be announced shortly.

For additional general information on the Call for Proposals, or for assistance with the proposal submission process, please contact the LMT Help Desk.